1. 4.5-inch Superlift Lift System for the 2004 and Newer F-150
Ford engineers greatly improved handling and ride quality with the 2004 model; Superlift engineers, using their Frame Integrated Technology -"FIT" have developed a lift that offers ground clearance without detracting from the factory ride improvments.

2. aFe Company Profile
Your chance to get into Advanced Flow Engineering's manufacturing facilty and see how they design, build and test their components.

3. AFE Exhaust

4. aFe Filter Types
aFe produces filters with three different types of "media" to meet the varying usage demands. High-Flow, High-Filtration and Pro-Dry S. See what this means for your application.

5. Airaid Filter Company - Shop Tour
Join Cameron Evans as he takes takes you through Airaid's R&D center. He will show you how the products are developed and produced; from Throttle Body Spacers, to Intake Systems, to basic Filter construction.

6. Airaid Filters
How they are contructed and how to clean them properly for maximum efficiency.

7. Airaid Intake Systems
See up close what goes into the design and manufacturing process of an Airaid Intake System.

8. Airaid Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers
Cameron Evans shows us how and why, Airaid's Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers add horsepower and torgue to your engine.

9. Basic Components of Straight Axle Front Suspension
Understanding your vehicle is important as you begin your modifications. This video highlights what makes up a straight axle front-end along with how some Pro Comp Suspension upgrades can enhance performance.

10. Basic Suspension Theory - Leaf Springs, Coil Springs and Torsion Bars
Before you lift any vehicle it is important to inspect all related stock components and read installation materials from the manufacturer.

11. Bestop Hardtop
Bestop offers quality products. See what options are availabe in their line of Jeep Hardtops.

12. BFG - Mud Terrain TA/KM2
The Mud Terrain TA/KM2 blends the best of the best..the undisputed rock crawling tire champion, the Krawler, with the heritage of the Top 10 rated Mud Terrain TA/KM and adds three features. Improved Traction, Increased Sidewall Strenght and New Sizes.

13. Bullydog
Bullydog introduces three exceptional products available at 4 Wheel Parts; the Triple Dog Diesel Downloader, the Triple Dog Gas Downloader and the PMT - Performance Management Tool.

14. CORSA Performance Exhaust
CORSA's exhaust system with their new db Series Mufflers, add horsepower, sound great at idle, and do not create in-cab noise during acceleration.

15. Everyday XJ - Installing a 4-inch Superlift kit on a Cherokee
As part of a Budget Build-up, Superlift shows you how to install their 4-inch lift on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

16. Gaylord's TL Series Bedcover
Who better to offer installation techniques but the engineer himself. Watch as Gaylord's design engineer shows us how to install their TL Series bedcover on this Chevy pickup.

17. Greg Adler Motorsports - 40th Baja 1000
Catch a glimpse of what the Greg Adler Motorsports team experienced at the 40th running of the Baja 1000.

18. Installing a Magnaflow Exhaust System
Magnaflow Factory representatives and Mario Andretti show you how easy it is to install.

19. Locker Theory
Eric Heiden discusses the differences between full-time lockers, selectable lockers and limited slip components.

20. Locker Theory V4

21. Magnaflow Performance Exhaust
Power and Performance.

22. Michelin -Latitude Tour HP Tire
Technology that overcomes compromise. The tire specifically designed for Crossover's and Luxury SUV's.

23. PIAA Aluminum Tubular Mounting Kit
The aluminum tubular mounting kit provides a stable mounting point for PIAA Lamps on Brush Guards, Pull Bars, Push Bars and Pre-Runner Bars with round tubing.

24. PIAA 410 Series
The PIAA 410 Series is a direct replacement for the Ford Superduty, but also fits other applications.

25. PIAA Intense White Series
PIAA's intense white bulb technology creates a whiter, brighter beam without the blue look.

26. Pro Comp '08 -Tundra Lift System

27. Pro Comp Accu-Pro and Power-Pro Tuners
Pro Comp offers the Accu-Pro tuner that allows you to re-calibrate speedometers and odometers after altering tire size or gear ratios. The Power-Pro tuner is an easy to use Engine Performance Tuner.

28. Pro Comp Long Arm Kit

29. Pro Comp Silverado Lift Kit

30. Pro Comp Suspension's 6-inch Lift for the 2007 Toyota Tundra
Join Pro Comp Suspension at the 2007 SEMA Show as they describe their Stage-2, 6-inch lift kit for the 2007 Toyota Tundra.

31. Pro Comp Suspension's 6-inch lift for Chevy and GMC 1/2-Tons
Pro Comp Suspension has built a reputation for building quality and affordable performance suspension systems for GM Trucks and SUV's.

32. Pro Comp Suspension's 6-inch lift for the Toyota FJ Cruiser
Pro Comp Suspension has hit another home run with this 6-inch lift system for the FJ. View this video to see all the features and benefits.

33. Pro Comp Suspension's Double XX Lift Systems for SuperDuty's
From Motorsports to Daily Driver, Pro Comp Suspension has built a Lift System for Super Duty's that makes room for bigger tires without compromising ride quality.

34. Pro Comp Suspension's TJ Long-Arm Kit
Ryan Kennelly, R&D Engineer describes the attributes of their TJ Long-Arm kit and shows us first hand on the trails in Moab, Utah how effective this system is.

35. Pro Comp Tires - Features and Benefits
Pro Comp Tires offers three unique tread designs, stay tuned to learn about each; the All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain and X-Terrain.

36. Pro Comp Tires: 3-Ply Lineup
Engineers from Pro Comp Tires have incorporated a 3-ply design in their All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain and X-Terrain brands.

37. Revtek Suspension Systems
In business since 2000, REVTEK has an impressive offering of systems for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota.

38. Smittybilt - SEMA New Products for 2008
Sean Angus, President of Smittybilt introduces the products they have on display at SEMA that will be available early 2008.

39. Striping
How to add race stripes to your vehicle.

40. Superlift Suspension 6-inch System for '99-'07 Chevy 1500
Superlift offers a detailed description of the attributes of their 6-inch lift kit for '99-'07 1/2-ton Chevrolet Trucks.

41. Superlift Suspension System for '07 and Newer Chevy and GMC 1500
Superlift highlights the benefits of their 6-inch Lift Kit for 2007 and newer 1/2-ton Chevy's and GMC's.

42. Superlift Suspension System for '07 and Newer Jeep Wrangler JK
Superlift introduces Lift Systems for 2007 and Newer Jeep Wrangler JK's that will enhance the Off-Road performance of this very capable vehicle.

43. Superlift Suspension System for '99-'07 Chevy HD
Superlift offers detailed description of the attributes of this kit along with some important information regarding other modifications that become necessary once this kit is installed.

44. Tech Tip: Ball Joints
Types, what they look like, and how to check for wear.

45. Tech Tip: Bench Grinder Safety
These safety tips are as important in your home shop or garage as they are in 4 Wheel Parts installation facilities.

46. Tech Tip: Gears
What you need to know when working on differentials.

47. Tech Tip: Performance Upgrades
Watch as a professional installer offers tips on how to make the installation of Ring & Pinion Sets, Fuel Injection Performance Kits, Cat-Back Exhaust Systems and a Performance Chip less complicated.

48. Tech Tips: Volume Three
Simple but important things to remember when you are working on your truck. This video covers: Ball Joint Clocking, Cam Kit Installation, Idler Arms, Tire Sensor Care, Leaf Spring Centerpins, Select-A-Shim for Differential Overhauls and Seals, the best way to prevent leakage.

49. Tereflex Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit - Part 1
Broken Driveshaft on the trail? Tired of contructing a shop rag and duct tape bandaid to keep the oil in your T-case? Watch as we install the Teraflex Slip Yoke Eliminator kit that will eliminate those problems.

50. Tereflex Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit - Part 1 & 2
Broken Driveshaft on the trail? Tired of contructing a shop rag and duct tape bandaid to keep the oil in your T-case? Watch as we install the Teraflex Slip Yoke Eliminator kit that will eliminate those problems.

51. Tereflex Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit - Part 2
Broken Driveshaft on the trail? Tired of contructing a shop rag and duct tape bandaid to keep the oil in your T-case? Watch as we install the Teraflex Slip Yoke Eliminator kit that will eliminate those problems.

52. Tire Sensors - How They Work, Why They are Important
This video explains how and why more and more late model Trucks and SUV's are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

53. Tire Wear
Use these helpful tech tips to diagnose tire wear on your vehicles.

54. Tiregate Pre-Runner Spare Tire Carrier
Tiregate offers installation highlights for their Spare Tire Carrier. Unit replaces tailgate and on Full-size trucks can carry up to a 40" tire.

55. Tools - The Best Way to Upsize Your Toolbox
Join Eric Heiden as he takes you on a tour of the Long Beach Automotive Swap Meet, and demonstrates the best way to purchase quality tools at bargain prices.

56. Torsion Bar Functionality
How to Adjust Vehicle Ride Height with your Torsion Bar.

57. Transfer Case WHOLE

58. Truxedo Tonneau Cover
Everything you need to know when considering purchasing a Truxedo Tonneau Cover for your pickup.

59. Winch Performance Test
Seven different winches from four manufacturers have been selected for testing to illustrate the definitive performance of each product.

60. Winch Theory featuring MileMarker
MileMarker describes the differences between electric and hydraulic winches and offers recommendations for proper usage and lifespan of the equipment.