Mile Marker Winches

Story & Photos by Off-Road Adventures Staff


Mile Marker hydraulic winches are the only TACOM approved winch for the US Military"s HMMWV (Humvee) and is uniquely powered by the OEM power steering system. Made in the USA, the winch was designed to harness the reliability of the power steering system rather than battery power used by electric winches. Rigorous testing proves the system is functional both submerged in water and covered in mud and does not slow down under load, or cause battery drain. Everyday more than 200 million power steering pumps operate flawlessly. Used in all types of vehicles, under every condition, from 50 below to 135 degrees above, the power steering pumps must perform for years without service or adjustment and withstand every type of abuse without failure. Additionally, having a built-in governor (the pressure relief valve), it is impossible to overload or overwork the pump. The 100% duty cycle hydraulic winch system installs with just two hoses.


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