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Custom Axles at Production Prices
Here, left to right, you can see a Dana 30, 44 and RockJock 60 front axle housing. The general rule of thumb is that for mild to moderate trail use, the stock D30 is fine with tires up to 33-inches tall. For tires 35-37 inches tall a Dana 44 up front work
In the past, when you needed a replacement or upgrade axle assembly you had three choices: get one from a wrecking yard; order a new OEM unit from the dealer; or have a custom axle made from one of many competent aftermarket builders around the nation. Now you have a fourth option, one that combines some of the best of the other three. This new option is G2 Axle and Gear.
The G2 group offers more than component parts for all your differential and axle needs; they also offer complete axle housing assemblies. Currently these assemblies are only available for Jeep vehicles. The concept is a simple one, offer axle upgrades, built to the customer’s specifications at a fair and reasonable price. Dana 44 upgrades for the front Jeep TJs, LJs, XJ and ZJ are standard stocking items. The same can be said for rear axles for TJs, LJs. Owners of the 2007-up Wrangler JK can order G2 Spec RockJock III axle housings for the front and rear. Owners of CJs, YJs and XJs can order similar housings with customer installed spring pads for leaf suspensions.
The truth is that most of the G2 housings are standard stocking items. Same for the axle shafts, gears and other parts. However, each axle assembly is built to order. This means that you can get your gear ratio, locker or limited slip of choice and even axle of choice. Essentially you’re getting custom axles but benefit from the wonders of production volume and consistency. Combining this with housings that are designed to use standard, off the shelf bearings and seals means consistent quality and easy to obtain small parts for maintenance or trail spares.
The G2 axle assemblies come with new HD Chromoly inner and outer axles. Your existing knuckles, and brake hardware are reused on the new housings, or you can order upgraded brake components, more on this in the next installment.
The bottom line is when you place your order, the G2 technicians carefully build your new axles exactly the way you want using the top quality parts. These replacement axle housings are better than stock, easy to install and priced right. Take a look here at some of the inner workings of the G2 axle program. Next month we’ll cover all the axle build options that you can select from.

The G2 assembly shop has several qualified and meticulous technicians who build each axle to your specifications. Every build is treated as if the Tech was installing it in his personal rig.

To some (like this author) setting up gears properly is considered something best left to experts. A properly setup gear set runs quietly and lasts forever, if taken care of. G2 techs are experts at getting your gears setup correctly and quickly.

Some differentials such as the ARB Air Locker, seen here require the housing to be modified for an air line or electrical harness. These experts know how best to make these modifications to your new housing to accommodate the locker activation system.

Here’s a G2 front Dana 44 ready to install. These units ship with gears, cover and new HD Chromoly axle shafts. Reusing the stock knuckles and brakes saves on upgrade costs and make replacement parts easy to find.

Jeep JK RockJock 60 housings from G2 are custom built by Currie Enterprises to G2 specifications. These jig built units are designed to use off the shelf axle bearings. This means no special order parts are required for future maintenance or repairs.

Here’s a pair of RockJock 60s for a 2007-Up Jeep JK ready for build-out. They are just waiting for someone to spec the gear ratios and locker type so the G2 technicians can set them up and ship them out.

The G2 team builds axles to customer specifications and ships them out quickly. Here’s a small portion of the weekly axle build-ups that are ready to be shipped out.

The top of the line G2 axle program is the RockJock 60 for the JK. These are available for front or rear and feature 1-ton components for maximum durability with larger tires, even on the toughest trails.

The brackets on the RockJock axles are laser cut from 3/16 steel that is precision bent and then welded on in a jig for accurate location and fitment. The brackets are much thicker than stock and offer superior durability.

Here you can see the how the rotated center section on the RockJock 60 offers increased protection for the cover lip and increases ground clearance over a standard D60. Also note the RockJock differential bottom skid plate is standard. These are made from AR400 heat-treated material and will allow the differentials to slide easily over rocks and if damaged, they can be easily replaced.
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