Orange Crush - Killer Chevy Silverado

Story & Photos by Chris Collard
The, "Honey, This Won't Cost Much" Silverado

A birds eye view reveals clean lines and attention to detail. The spare tire shares real estate with air tanks and a Hi-Lift jack and jerry can complement the gunnels while the center-mounted fuel tank and toolbox tuck neatly against the cab. 
When we ran into Dirk Blount and his killer Chevy Silverado on Pritchett Canyon during the 2007 Easter Jeep Safari, we knew it would make a great feature for Off Road Adventures. The problem was that when we got back to the office, we realized we had lost his tech sheet and number. Fortunately, Dirk is a Moab local and we bumped into him at this last year's EJS (we actually saw him, then whipped a U-turn and chased him down Main Street).
Growing up in Moab and immersed in auto sports from birth (his dad raced stock cars), it was a natural for Dirk to start exploring the region's slickrock via a 4x4 at a young age. One rig lead to another, and when he came across an old 1-ton Chevy diesel for the paltry sum of $1,500, he couldn't pass up. As shop foreman for an oil drilling company, he figured he could do most of the mods himself, but told his wife it would be a good truck for "hauling fire wood", uhh, ya right. Enter the "Honey, this won't cost much" Orange Crush Silverado.
Dirk left color selection and paint up to someone with a refined eye, his wife. Metal flake Orange Crush was applied to the body and a number of accessories, and the front clip was treated to pearly-translucent ghost flames.
The original 6.2-liter diesel was eventually sent to the recycle yard and replaced with a TBI Chevy 350 and TH400 tranny. To enhance performance and ensure smooth trail running, the mill was capped with an Edelbrock Performer Manifold and Holly Throttle-Body Injection. Because tranny temps can be an issue on long accents (Moab's got lots of them) and compression braking is an issue on the way down, low-range gearing was addressed with a 203/205 double low-range t-case from Off Road Designs. 
With the mill and drivetrain complete, the next "it won't cost that much" modification commenced. The front Dana 60 was fitted with 35-spline outer shafts, Spicer U-joints, Powertrax differential and 4.56:1 Genuine Gear gears. The backside, a GM 14-bolt, was treated to a Detroit Locker and gears, and slipped under a pair of 6-inch Superlift springs. Axles were capped with a set of 42-inch Super Swamper IROKs and Pro Comp remote-reservoir shocks provide dampening control at all corners.
There were a number of interior mods that "won't cost that much." The custom four-point cage, Premier Power Welder, Grant steering wheel, Cobra CB and Beard seats on custom mounts.
The final mod, after installing the "it won't cost much" four-point cage, new interior, Premier Power Welder, compressor, Mile Marker winch and monster stereo, was to toss out the firewood-beaten bed out and replacing it with something more slickrock friendly. Color selection was left to someone with a refined eye, his wife. Metal flake Orange Crush with translucent pearly-white ghost flames.
While most of us only dream of rolling out our driveway each day and being face-to-face with a thousand miles of slickrock trails, Dirk lives it every day. He said,  "I enjoy wheeling Moab so much, I never feel the need to leave." And evidenced by the fact that he is still married, and he doesn't have to sleep in the doghouse, we're guessing that his wife must like it too. See you on the trail Dirk... In Moab that is.
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